Intersolar Press Releases

Intersolar Summit – Press Release

Spain: 19.5 GW new solar PV capacity by 2023

SolarPower Europe’s Global Market Outlook 2019-2023, launched last month at Intersolar Europe in Munich, finds that Spain belongs to the top two prospects in Europe. Due to a strong political background, high installation activities, and a large pipeline, SolarPower Europe assumes a strongly growing…


Intersolar Mexico – Press Release

Intersolar Mexico partners with ASOLMEX, ANES and FAMERAC

Mexico City/Pforzheim/Freiburg, June 4, 2019 - Mexico’s high potential for solar energy makes it one of the most attractive markets in Latin America. Not only the solar PV market share in the energy mix is growing, but also the share of solar thermal applications. An abundance of solar resources,…


Intersolar Global – Press Release

Intersolar AWARD 2019: Honoring innovations in solar technology

May 15, 2019 – The solar industry is currently enjoying highly dynamic growth, which is spurring innovative power at the same time. For their innovative efforts, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Raycatch Ltd. and Zhejiang Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. have been named the winners of this year’s Intersolar…


Intersolar South America – Press Release

Solar PV Markets in Brazil’s Northeast are on the rise - Intersolar Summit Brasil Nordeste unites all stakeholders in Fortaleza

April 16, 2019: Brazil’s demand for electricity has increased almost 200% in 30 years, according to the Ministry of Mines and Energy. Especially, distributed generation is driving momentum in the Brazilian market since the sale of surplus power has been exempted from taxes in 23 states across…


Intersolar AWARD

Intersolar AWARD 2019: Finalists announced

April 9, 2019 – High-performing, robust and efficient – the solutions presented by the finalists of the Intersolar AWARD 2019 make them worthy contenders for the prestigious prize, which honors pioneering technologies and services for the solar industry.