Intersolar Mexico, THE GREEN EXPO®, Aquatech Mexico: A Milestone in circular economy innovations and solutions for Mexico and Latin America

a green, sustainable world
  • Introducing THE GREEN EXPO®: CONIECO International Environmental Congress, Aquatech Mexico, and Intersolar Mexico to take place simultaneously September 3rd – 5th at the World Trade Center, Mexico City.  
  • More than 13,000 attendants from 35 different countries and 350 exhibitors from 26 countries.
  • 124 conferences, 162 speakers, and 75 training hours during the course of three days.
  • Announcement of the Aquatech LATAM Awards nominees.  
  • Companies that adopted a circular model save up to 600 billion Euros per year: Klaus Rudischhauser, ambassador, Leader of the European Union Delegation in Mexico.
  • At present, energy efficiency has saved the equivalent power to the total global energy output in 20 years: M.Sc. Odón de Buen, CEO, CONUEE


Mexico City, August 30th, 2019.- The XXVII edition of THE GREEN EXPO® and the CONIECO International Environmental Congress, the fourth edition of Aquatech Mexico, and the first edition of Intersolar Mexico will be held simultaneously September 3rd to 5th, 2019 at the World Trade Center and Pepsi Center in Mexico City; international events that conform a one-of-a-kind sustainability week in Mexico and Latin America to tackle Climate Change in the journey towards a Circular Economy.   

Attending the official presentation of this major event were José Navarro Meneses, CEO of Tarsus México; Carlos Sandoval Olvera, President of the National Board of Industry Ecologists (CONIECO in Spanish); M.Sc. Odón de Buen; Managing Director of the National Board for Efficient Use of Energy (CONUEE); Klaus Rudischhauser, ambassador and  Leader of the European Union Delegation in Mexico; and Héctor Olea, Phd, President of the Solar Energy Mexican Association (ASOLMEX).

“The impact of these international events will serve as a milestone in our country and in the region”, said José Navarro; “we expect more than 13,000 attendants from 35 countries and the participation of 350 exhibitors from 26 countries to promote business generation and offer the most innovative solutions, brands, products, and sustainable technology in the supply sector; and water treatment; waste management and recycling; solutions for efficient energy usage and power generation using renewable sources; leading technology, and key information for the development of green building projects, among others”, Navarro added. 

THE GREEN EXPO®emphasizes the first participation of the European Union, which purpose is to develop and analyze the most pressing topics in Circular Economy to tackle Climate Change, as well as the participation of international delegations from Germany, the US, Italy, and Canada, as well as specialized sectors in Cogeneration, Waste, and Recycling from Austria, Brazil, China, South Korea, Spain, France, India, England, Mexico, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden, and Switzerland.

With 27 years of experience, THE GREEN EXPO® remains a key arena and B2B leader platform to find solutions to tackle Climate Change, which has become one of the greatest challenges of humanity, requiring immediate action to prevent an increase in global temperature of up to two grades by 2050.

“The European Union is currently in a transition from a linear economy to a circular economy aimed at benefiting the environment and creating the conditions required for a socially-sustainable economy. Our goal is to become the first continent to reach climate neutrality by 2050; to become the leaders in circular economy and clean technologies to save the oceans from having more plastic than fish in 2050. Additionally, companies that adopt a circular model are saving up to 600 billion Euros per year”, said Klaus Rudischhauser.

With regards to training and exchange of knowledge, the XXVII International Environmental Congress of the National Board of Industry Ecologists (CONIECO, in Spanish) is the main academic forum to analyze sustainability strategic topics with regional and national relevance, with the participation of national and international experts.

“The involvement of academia experts, such as the Mexican College of Civil Engineers and the College of Environmental Engineers, in our congress foreshadows positive results, and evidence of this is the interest of students that come from top universities in Mexico who are highly interested in environmental issues and areas of opportunity with an outlook into the future”, said Carlos Sandoval.

The International Environmental Congress highlights topics such as resilience in cities regarding Climate Change, sustainability efforts; success stories such as Building Projects using Sargassum Bricks; sustainability with plastics and Circular Economy, Circularity of plastic and electronic waste, implementation projects in Latin America and India; as well as an Environment Board with representatives from Guanajuato, Jalisco, and Quintana Roo; among others.

As for energy topics, other conferences will take place; for instance, Impact of Energy Efficiency in the National Energy Consumption, with the participation of the National Commission for Efficient Energy Usage (CONUEE, for its acronym in Spanish); Contribution of Renewable Energies to Clean Energy Generation presented by CESPEDES; as well as Electrical Energy Generation through Isolated Supply and Local Generation, presented by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE, for its acronym in Spanish).

In this regard, M.S. Odon de Buen mentioned that “nowadays, energy efficiency has resulted in energy savings equivalent to the total global energy output for 20 years. Mexico must improve automotive transportation technologies, increasing supply, but reducing consumption to meet energy efficiency demands.”

The purpose of the fourth edition of Aquatech Mexico is to jointly seek efficient alternatives to address hydric stress. This international exhibition displays state-of-the-art technology that favors smart handling and water supply. This year will have the presence of international speakers from 21 countries across the globe: Germany, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, United States, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Hungary, India, Japan, Mexico, Poland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

A leading international B2B and B2G event for the water industry that, through its conference program, seeks to share experiences and success stories. These conferences include the participation of renowned experts, including The water company and sanitation of the XXI century; Hydric Plan 2019-2024; the Israel Embassy will present its own experience, Circular Economy in the hydric segment, among others.

On the exhibition floor, Aquatech Mexico will have the participation of international delegations, including the United States and the Netherlands, as well as the Water Environment Federation Delegation; not to mention the Aquastage, which is an area for featured presentations and workshops, as well as Wetskills for young professionals eager to work in mixed teams to find cross-sectional solutions for water issues.

Aquatech Mexico received 16 innovative proposals as a result of the interest, engagement and impact of the projects presented the last year, considering that the last edition had 8 participants. The proposals received have been assessed by our first-class jury. The second edition of the Aquatech LATAM Awards is a widely renowned and acclaimed award in the industry with a commercial impact across the globe.

The nominees in the Project category are:

  • Fundación por un Campo Productivo IAP: “ABC3: Good quality water for self-sufficiency and community wellbeing.
  • GRUPO BOCAR: “Transition towards a water circular economy”.
  • IBERALTEC: “Wastewater treatment plant based on advanced oxidation for high organic loads”.

For the product category and/or service, the nominees are:

  • LG SONIC: “Monitoring and control through ultrasound of algae flowering using buoys – MPC”
  • VEGA: “Economic no-contact radar-type level transmitter”.
  • Hydrovec: “WES 4.0” a software that allows to anticipate equipment failure in water treatment through cloud-based monitoring.

For launching Intersolar Mexico, which is a world-class leading event focused on energy segments, photovoltaic generation, and energy storage, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and business partners will join-in to contribute with their insights, as well as to work on developing the advantages of solar energy.

According to Dr. Florian Wessendorf, Managing Director of Solar Promotion International GmbH and Daniel Strowitzki, CEO of Freiburg Management and Marketing International GmbH (FMMI), THE GREEN EXPO®, Intersolar Mexico will offer the industry a suitable platform for renewable energies and clean technologies in Mexico. They mentioned that “the co-located events will be the largest event for enery professionals in Mexico and will bring together more companies from across the solar value chain than any other event in the region. Intersolar Mexico attendees can expect an innovative show as well as a high-impact conference and workshop program with national and international industry experts”.

Currently, Mexico is one of the main countries in solar deployment and potential for dynamic growth. The goal for 2024 is that 35% of its energy comes from renewable sources and 50% as of 2050, not to mention that, Latin America will represent more than 10% of the global solar demand for 2022.

Along the same line of thought, Dr. Hector Olea mentioned that, in 2013, the first solar power plant in the country was put into service with an output of 30 megawatts; six years later, it now has 50 photovoltaic power stations that supply electrical energy to the people. Furthermore, 85% of the national territory presents optimal conditions for electricity generation through solar technology.

“The distributed generation represents one of the fastest-growing industries in the last few years. Only few months ago, the number of contracts achieved surpassed 100 thousand, now there are 112 thousand contracts for the distribution of generated energy, most of which are residential, but also include commercial and industrial clients, more so for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Additionally, from 2010 to date, the cost of technology to generate electricity has decreased by 80%”, mentioned Olea.

This is how more comprehensive international platforms for sustainability, water industry, environment, renewable energies, and waste handling, among others, are set to take place in the same location; throughout three key days with 124 conferences, 162 speakers, and more than 75 hours of training to learn about strategies, innovation, technology, and success stories in a global scale for all industries looking into profitable and sustainable solutions within a Circular Economy.

About the organizers

THE GREEN EXPO® and the XXVII International Environmental Congress of the National Council of Industrial Ecologists, are organized by Tarsus Mexico and the National Council of Industrial Ecologists, CONIECO.

Intersolar Mexico is organized by Tarsus Mexico, Solar Promotion International GmbH, Pforzheim and Freiburg Management and Marketing International GmbH (FMMI).

Aquatech Mexico is organized by RAI Amsterdam and Tarsus Mexico.

About Intersolar Mexico

It makes its debut in 2019 as the industry's reference source for the most important technology trends and the best B2B contacts in the promising Mexican solar market. The event will be presented at the Pepsi Center of the World Trade Center in Mexico City, from September 3 to 5, 2019 and is co-located simultaneously with THE GREEN EXPO®, both events will be the largest meeting of manufacturers, distributors and International professionals looking to meet with buyers and regional partners in the fields of solar energy, renewable energy and clean technologies. Intersolar Mexico is organized by Solar Promotion International GmbH, Pforzheim and Freiburg Management and Marketing International GmbH (FMMI), as well as by Tarsus Mexico.

Intersolar Global is the world's leading exhibition series dedicated to the future of clean energy. With over 25 years of experience, Intersolar has the unique ability to bring together members of the energy industry from the world's most influential markets and supply chains. The exhibitions and conferences are held annually in Munich, San Diego, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Bangalore and Dubai. For more information on Intersolar Global, visit:

About Tarsus Mexico

Tarsus Mexico – before E.J.Krause Tarsus de Mexico – is distinguished for being the only organizer with the longest track record in the Mexican market, since 1991, presenting events of international quality with the trends, innovations, and local and global landscape for sectors such as water, foods and beverages, energy and hydrocarbons, styling, manufacture, the environment, smart mobility, polyurethane, plastic, and textiles, among others. As of today, Tarsus Group is one of the most important organizers worldwide, with more than 150 events from 20 industries in 17 countries, bringing together 30 thousand exhibitors and more than one million visitors every year.

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Personal meetings continue to be a powerful form of communication, and exhibitions are the ideal medium for connecting worlds, people and markets. With a portfolio of top brands, RAI Amsterdam Exhibitions creates inspiring events that blend context, content and communities. Dedicated teams of professionals organise over 30 national and international consumer and trade exhibitions each year, supported by a global offi ce and agent network. Successful exhibition concepts in their home base in Amsterdam are translated for other countries in collaboration with trade associations and media parties. The focus on quality and target group has made RAI Amsterdam the market leader in a significant number of sectors. Wherever in the world an event may take place, our focus is on generating business for exhibitors, visitors, sponsors and partners.