Intersolar Mexico Conference kicks off first edition with packed room

Onsite News: The official Intersolar Mexico Conference opened with the session "Mexico’s PV market in transition" in which it was mentioned that Mexico has 4,519 MW of installed capacity distributed in large-scale projects and distributed solar generation. Besides, there are 50 solar plants in commercial operation. However, there is still enormous potential for distributed solar generation and energy sales schemes, with an installed capacity of only 818 MW.

Mexico is a solar country. Market opportunities are sustained by the progress of solar energy market since 2014 and the fact that the growth in the energy demand for electricity is higher than the growth of the economy.

The session on “Financing of solar energy” made it clear that more financial innovation is needed to adapt to new business models in different market sectors. There is also a need for more significant linkages between public and private sector actors to ensure efficient resource mobilization.

Barriers related to project financing can be overcome with public policy instruments, in which the support from the development bank is key to mitigate risks and promote sustainable development through infrastructure projects such as solar plants.