Program Overview

The Conference will cover the latest trends, innovations and developments

Conference Program

Meet experts, increase your network, gain knowledge!

Planned sessions:

  • Mexico’s PV Market in Transition
  • Financing of Solar Energy
  • Electrical Energy Storage for Producers
  • Electrical Energy Storage and SmartGrids
  • Flexibility Options: Options and Mechanism to Couteract a Weak Transmission System

Detailed Conference Program

Overview (pdf.)

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Get industry-expert tips and learn how to do it right with installation techniques and best practices from experienced PV experts. (Workshops for Solar Practitioners by Solar Energy International)

Gain insights about the vast experience with solar heating technologies in Mexico:

Or join the launch of the new joint report from ASOLMEX and SolarPower Europe about  “Digitalisation & Solar in Mexico”

Registration and Pricing

Conference Pricing

Join our wide spread conference program with a full conference ticket or receive some industry-expert tips from experienced PV experts in the offered training/workshops.

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Present the latest technology and services your company provides!

INTERSOLAR MEXICO offers you the opportunity to use the Innovation and Application Stage with the
following characteristics in the exhibition floor at IS811 booth at the Pepsi Center,
co-located with The Green Expo and Aquatech.

The facts are:

  • 30 minute presentation
  • Auditorium assembly set up for 50 people
  • Sound with microphone, Laptop, projector, TV Screen and Technician
  • Cost per presentation is $250 USD + 16% administrative fee

Remember that the success of the presentation also depends on the promotion you make.

For application please contact: More information: Eunice Roque,

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